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How to pay?

  • You can pay cash or with your smartphone.
Smartphone payments
  • RABO and ABN bank account holders will need to bring their identifyers and set the spending limit to suit the payment due.
Advance payment
  • Ahead of your pilot medical test, you can pay the correct amount into bank account NL11 INGB 0009 1924 15, name: Hr drs AF van Wieringen, under reference: 'Medical consultation'. If you need to do an ECG or audiogram (as indicated on your old medical), please also state '+ ecg' and/or '+ audio'. Please remember to include your name as well.

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Central Amsterdam, 5 min walk distance from the Central Station

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Location Brouwersgracht
Medical4pilots lies in the center of Amsterdam.

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Payment options
We have multiple payment options

    Before Per Bank
    On location Smartphone